ADUs, the Golden Girls, & Senior Living Solutions

It’s my secret fantasy to one day reunite with my college roommates, lounge by the pool while sipping fruit smoothies, and live and laugh together like the old days. My husband thinks he’s going to outlive me, but if he doesn’t I’m planning to gather my girlfriends, split up a single family home into a main unit, an ADU, and a junior unit too. That way we can cohabitate in harmony, without driving one another nuts.

Check out this recent NYT op-ed about alternative retirement solutions. Our society’s drive for the suburban, single-family housing ideal has more than an environmental cost, it has an emotional toll of loneliness and isolation, and the separation of generations.

Photo credit: NBC

Photo credit: NBC

Why not live with our best friends again when the children have flown the coop? Common concerns include how to share space and maintain privacy, but let’s take a moment to ponder how small, independent ADU’s can improve this creative retirement solution. At Lilypad Homes, we strive to assist our clients with well-designed ADU solutions that help people reimagine the possibilities of living together with our best friends once again.

Those Golden Girls were ahead of their time! Pass the popcorn; what movie are we watching tonight?

Sheila Hunter