I found Lilypad Homes online while trying to figure out how to generate income from an extra room and bathroom in my new home. I wanted to create housing for a working professional or a student; one that offered privacy for both of us. Rachel came to my home and immediately saw the vision that I could not see. She mapped out a functional layout, helped me choose materials, and, perhaps most important of all, relieved me of the anxiety of having to figure it all out by myself.

Thanks to my ADU I brought my earning needs down by $18,000/year! Many homeowners have the desire to age in place or create ‘right livelihood’ by minimizing expenses, but we don’t have the local code knowledge and 3D visioning capabilities that Lilypad Homes brings to the table. They are worth their weight in gold. ADUs are the future!
— Eliza K.

Case Stories

Our First Junior Unit

When Lilypad co-founder Rachel became a single parent, she needed extra income to hold onto her Corte Madera home. Putting her largest asset to work, Rachel converted her master bedroom suite into a 230 sq. ft. rental unit, creating privacy for the future tenant and, more importantly, for herself and her five-year-old daughter.  Years later when her daughter left for college, Rachel moved into the studio unit and rented out the main house, giving her the financial freedom to pursue new dreams.


The Junior Unit (or JADU) was created from conditioned living space (an existing bed and bath) so construction wasn’t too expensive and could be self-financed. Rachel designed the studio unit to be locked off from the main home by installing a locking double-door and sound-proof insulation. She added a new exterior glass door, allowing private access and lots of light, and a new small deck providing level entry and outdoor space for the tenant.  An efficiency or wet bar kitchen replaced the former walk-in closet, while new built-in shelving areas created storage, an office alcove and a niche for the bed.