Types of ADUs

ADUs range in size from studios to multi-bedroom units, and can be created through new construction or by converting existing space, either conditioned living areas or unconditioned areas, such as an attic or garage.

New Construction

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Conversion of Unconditioned Space

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LilypadHomesImages_Basement Conversion.png
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Conversion of Living Space

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An ADU can be created by converting existing conditioned space within the home’s building envelope. As a separate unit, it requires separate entrance, fire separation, It may full have a full kitchen.

Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit

A JADU (Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit) is a specially permitted type of interior conversion of conditioned space. Limited to 500 square feet, a JADU must start with an existing bedroom and adds an efficiency kitchen and an exterior entrance. It may share a bathroom and heating system with the main house. A JADU is typically the easiest and lowest cost way to create a private unit.

Home Sharing


Home sharing is when a homeowner rents out a spare bedroom and designates spaces within their home for communal use. This option provides less privacy than an independent JADU or ADU, but offers lots of benefits with little upfront cost. Home sharing can provide financial security, mutual assistance (such as sharing household chores) and create a new sense of community, and local non-profits can help find suitable housemates and assist with screening. It’s a great way to save up for creating a separate ADU or JADU if financing your project isn’t an option. A Feasibility Assessment can help assess your space for home sharing and provide guidance on next steps.